Shanghai Shenhua FC 2:1 Guangzhou Taobao FC
Round 22, 2016 Chinese Super League
Hongkou Football Stadium, Shanghai
19:35 (GMT/UTC+8), 13th August, 2016

The traditional powerful force Shanghai Shenhua FC created several threatening chances immediately after the whistle blows. In the second minute, Giovanni Moreno beat the offside trap with Cao Yunding, Cao Yunding’s left side shot was saved by Zeng Cheng. 2 minutes later, the host team got a goal, Zheng Zhi missed the ball on the edge of the penalty area, Obafemi Martins got the ball,turned around, dodged Kim Young-gwon’s tackle and tapped the ball into the bottom right of the net. Shanghai Shenhua led the score. Guangzhou Evergrande immediately responded with several threatening strikes. In the 10th minute, Goulart found Paulinho and sent a high ball into the box, however the latter’s header was too straight and the ball was rejected by Li Shuai.

Only one minute later, however, Scolari’s team responded with an equalizer when Gao Lin dribbled the ball into the left side of the box, fired the bullet decisively confronting Tao Jin’s defense. The ball took a deflection from Li Shuai, and went into the top corner of the net. In the 15th minute of the game, Alan moved the ball to the left wing, Li Xuepeng centered the ball. However, there were too many people in the middle, the ball was not well handled. Immediately, Huang Bowen lifted a high ball from the right to the middle and Paulinho who came to the scene, volleyed the ball with his right foot, however the ball was punched away by Li Shuai.

Both sides had chances to score in the rest time of the first half, but the scoreboard was not rewritten until the 42nd minute. Obafemi Martins picked up a throw-in in the right edge outside the box, dribbled through Meifang’s defense turned around and fired the bullet. The ball flew into the goal in the far post side with a wily angle. The first half ended with Shanghai Shenhua FC leading the score.

Immediately after the second half began, both sides created several threatening attacks. In the 48th minute,Giovanni Moreno feinted a shot, Cao Yunding got the ball in the left, however his shot was denied by Li Shuai. The set piece gave Kim Kee-Hee a chance to shot but his bullet was far off the target.

The game came to the 65th minute, when Alan’s shot took a deflection on Shenhua’s defensive, and the follow-up attempt by Ricardo Goulart was again blocked away by Li Shuai and Tao Jin. The guest team got a corner,     Goulart’s header hit right in the post!

Scolari made two substitutions in the 69th minute and 71st minute, he substituted Alan with Jackson Martínez and substituted Zheng Zhi with Zhang Wenzhao.

In the 79th minute, Zhang Wenzhao cut inside in the left and fired a bullet, however the shot was saved by Li Shuai. Guangzhou Evergrande used up their substitutions in the 84th minute when Zheng Long was introduced to the pitch and Gao Lin was withdrew. Zheng Long was very active and made great troubles for the defensive line of Shanghai Shenhua FC. In the 87th minute, Li Xuepeng centered the ball from the left, Jackson Martínez caught the ball but his side kick was rejected by the goal post. Zhang Wenzhao came to the scene and passed the ball into the small box, but the following up shot by Paulinho took a deflection by the defensive players and slid slowly towards the goal but was cleared at the goal line.

Both sides had chances to change the score line during the injury time. But the score remained 2:1 till the end.


19- Zeng Cheng, 12-Wang Shangyuan, 3-Mei Fang, 28-Kim Young-gwon, 35-Li Xuepeng, 8-Paulinho, 10-Zheng Zhi (15-Zhang Wenzhao, 17’), 16-Huang Bowen, 8-Kim Young-gwon, 5-Zhang Linpeng (12-Wang Shangyuan, 56’), 8-Paulinho, 10-Zheng Zhi, 16-Huang Bowen, 11-Goulart, 7-Alan (9-Jackson Martínez), 29-Gao Lin (27-Alan, 46’)