Semi-final first round, 2016 Chinese Football Association Cup
Tianhe Sports Centre, Guangzhou
19:35 (GMT/UTC+8), 17th August 2016

Championship contender Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao FC got a 2:2 home draw against their city rival Guangzhou R&F FC. In the 22nd minute of the game,Xiao Zhi opened the scoring with a header off a corner kick. Six minutes later, Ricardo Goulart equalized the game with also a header. Eran Zahavi scored his 7th goal in the CFA Cup in the 51st minute of the game. In the 89th minute of the game, Goulart scored again and the game was again equalized.
Guangzhou Evregrande Taobao FC immediately pressed forward after the whistle blows. In the fifth minute, Guangzhou Evergrande got a free-kick in the left side. The ball was crossed into the box Paulinho caught the ball but his header was far too wide. Ten minutes later, Guangzhou Evergrande played through the left, Zheng Long struck a bullet and the shot went right onto Svensson’s arm in the box but the referee didn’t blow his whistle. Paulinho’s turnaround shot was rejected by Han Feng, the goalkeeper of Guangzhou R&F. One minute later, Guangzhou R&F made several threats to the host team by breaking quickly through the midfield. Afterwards, Guangzhou R&F won a series of corners and gradually gained attacking initiative. 
Continual efforts of the guest team got paid off in the 22nd minute, Xiao Zhi scored for Guangzhou R&F with a header picking up a pass from Eran Zahavi. Guangzhou Evergrande immediately earned a free-kick, but Zheng Long’s threatening attack was rejected by Han Feng.
The game became equalized in the 28th minute:Zhang Linpeng’s long-range shooting was punched out of the ground by Han Feng. Liao Lisheng took the corner and hit a chest high ball, Ricardo Goulart at the near post caught the ball and scored with a volley shot.
The game came to the 31st minute, Zheng Long sent in a cross from the left, Zhang Yaokun mis-kicked the ball, Gao Lin dived forward with a header but he missed the target. Three minutes later, Liao Lisheng stole the ball in the right and contributed a quality diagonal pass, Goulart drove forward in the middle and poked the ball towards the goal but was denied by Han Feng. Only an instant later, Liao Lisheng gave out another clever pass, but Paulinho was flagged offside in the middle.
In the 41st minute, Zhang Linpeng stole the ball from Eran Zahavi the host team pushed forward quickly in the midfield, Zhang Linpeng speeded forward and completed a sidefoot shot, the ball was saved by the goalkeeper. Three minutes later, Goulart intercepted Kim Youngkwon’s pass with chest and made a turnaround shot, the creative shot flew over the crossbar. The first half ends with a 1-1 draw. 
Scolari substituted Zheng Long with Alan at the beginning of the second half. In the 51st minute, Guangzhou R&F FC scored again: Tang Miao cut inside in the right, he distributed the ball to Eran Zahavi and the latter finished the shot. Zhang Linpeng got injured in the foot during a body contact with Eran Zahavi. He was substituted by Wang Shangyuan. Guangzhou Evergrande kept piling pressure on the guest team. However, Guangzhou R&F’s solid defense didn’t give the host team any chance. Scolari made his last substitution,Liao Lisheng was off and Zhang Wenzhao was introduced to the pitch. Zhang Wenzhao immediately won a right-side free-kick, but his small angle shooting flew right above the cross-bar. In the 73rd minute, Alan fell on the ground, but the referee ignored the foul. Alan expressed his dissatisfaction. One minute later, Alan dribbled into the penalty area, he fell again in a body contact, but the referee again didn’t blow his whistle. Zheng Zhi protested to the referee after he blocked Guangzhou R&F’s attack.
In the 89th minute, Guangzhou Evergrande equalized the game, Li Xuepeng found Goulart and he sent out a swerving cross, Goulart scored with a perfect header. In the 5 minutes’ injury time both sides had threatening chances, but the 2:2 was held to the end of the game.


19- Zeng Cheng, 35-Li Xuepeng, 28-Kim Young-gwon, 3-Mei Fang, 5-Zhang Linpeng (12-Wang Shangyuan, 56’), 8-Paulinho, 10-Zheng Zhi, 27-Zheng Long(7-Alan, 46’), 11-Goulart, 2-Liao Lisheng (15-Zhang Wenzhao,63’), 29-Gao Lin.